Hi, I'm Dante!

I am a friendly and positive person who is known for my bubbly attitude, desire to help others, and to never shy away from a challenge. I'm often seen as a mentor, a subject matter expert, and someone that my colleagues and customers can count on. I believe that bettering your peers betters yourself.

I spent the last few years working as a support engineer for a company called Evanios that specializes in IT Event Management software. Evanios was acquired by HP Inc and since then I've split my time between supporting the legacy Evanios product and working on new and exciting technologies at HP such as DaaS (device as a service), TechPulse, and development on our ServiceNow instance. These technologies are installed on millions of computers world-wide and provide amazing insights to a company's IT organization.


Learn more at www.hptechpulse.com

HP Inc.

HP TechPulse ITSM Team

As a member of the TechPulse ITSM team I assist internal teams bring their products and ideas into ServiceNow to take advantage of all of the features that the ServiceNow ecosystem has to offer. Notable projects I've worked on include:

  • Designed and implemented a self-service knowledge management process that allowed technical writers to work with subject matter experts to author knowledge, provide translation teams the ability to translate documentation into multiple languages, and pass approval to product stakeholders before becoming public. This allowed HP to deliver TechPulse knowledge via ServiceNow.

  • Customer onboarding and customer service management workflow creation to automatically detect and onboard new HP customers into ServiceNow. This resulted in an increased ability to provide customer and end-user support.

  • Utilizing knowledge of IT infrastructure monitoring I built out an operations monitoring solution for HP Advanced Endpoint Management's internal infrastructure. Featuring automatic incident generation, routing, and configurable alerts to quickly notify teams of outages and degradations this resulted in a reduction in outage time and an increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Ideation and Demand Management at HP. I helped to design, implement, and pilot an ideation funnel at HP used to allow employees to suggest new ideas, products, and features and then to move ideas to actual solutions.

Learn more at www.evanios.com

Evanios Product Support

Evanios is an enterprise grade app that integrates multiple monitoring sources such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Microsoft Azure, SolarWinds MSP N-Central, Splunk, and many more into a single pane of glass. This empowers an IT operations team to act quickly and effectively to action outages in infrastructure by suppressing noise, prioritizing events and alerts that matter most to the business, and connecting with existing assets to provide a time based root cause analysis and predictive analytics. My role in Evanios product support includes:

  • Managing a small support and implementation team for the Evanios Operations and Monitoring solution.

  • Providing top tier support for Fortune 100 companies that viewed Evanios as mission critical to their business operations.

  • Consulting with customers to understand business needs and develop custom solutions.

  • Acting as a technical information conduit between solution providers and customers when integrations failed.


Lead Developer

OfferDesk strives to disrupt the home buying industry by empowering buyers to act as their own real-estate agent with the help of automation and technology. With OfferDesk, buyers save thousands on closing costs with minimal additional effort.

As lead developer for Offer Desk, I was responsible for the initial application design and technology stack that drives the business. I designed solutions to business problems via automation and technology.

JUNE 2015 - SEPTEMBER 2017


Support Engineer

I was responsible for incident tracking, diagnosis, replication, troubleshooting, and resolution. This involved debugging custom scripts (JavaScript), solving issues with the customer's MySQL database, restoring deleted data, and educating customers on a variety of ServiceNow features and best practices. I was consistently one of the top performers on my team and was recognized with several spot awards.

MARCH 2014 - MAY 2015

E-Z Rent-A-Car

IT Technician

I provided technical support for the staff at all of the 15 locations. This included user administration, troubleshooting issues with computers and printers, and hardware deployment. I worked with the company's VP of sales and training to create a web-based training and certification system to train, test, and log certifications for all employees.

E-Z was purchased by Advantage in 2015 and corporate infrastructure was dismantled.

JUNE 2008 - MAY 2014

Station Trainer

I created and administered training for all of the customer service, check-in, gate, and departures staff at the airport.


Bachelors of Science in Information Technology


I worked a full time job to support myself and pay for college without any help from parents. I was really fortunate that my schedule at the airport was flexible enough to accommodate full time work and my education. It wasn't easy though, I busted my butt doing both at the same time. In college I was known as the note taker. I opened my notes up to my fellow classmates online so if someone wanted to supplement their notes or missed a class they could always look at mine. After a while, professors started teaching the courses directly to me. My colleagues would come to me with questions when they were afraid to ask the professors. My belief that sharing what you know continues today in my career.



shor10 is a pet project developed by my programming partner Will and I. Shor10 allows users to shorten and obfuscate URLs with additional features such as:

  • QR code generation for each URL to easily facilitate transfer. Point your smart phone camera at the QR code to quickly visit links.

  • Link analytics such as how many clicks a link has received and where in the world those clicks came from.